The Sound of our Souls

Banchi is the organic result of 4 friends who share a love of all life has to offer coming together to allow the expression of it through themselves and through music. Through the good times and the challenging times, the music flows and we hope that the energy we offer will tune you into some worthwhile parts of your own experience.

Based in the Lehigh Valley, Banchi began when 4 musicians attending parkland high school got together to Jam, and the chemistry was undeniably funky sweet. The connection and purity of intention to let the music flow allowed for an organic writing process where songs present themselves between the musicians without much interference from the musicians. They have continued to show up and give their energy and presence to this process, so they can offer to share the exciting and interesting dynamic with others live and on recordings.

Banchi released their first full length album in November of 2017. The album was recorded mostly in late 2016 and early 2017.

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